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Latest News
• Calimex and Macopharma exhibited e-Orders at 2014 AABB, Philadelphia, PA. It was very well received.
• Exhibited e-Orders at 2013 AABB, CTTXPO Convention in Denver.
• eOrders version 1 obtains FDA 510(K) clearance on Feb 17, 2012.
• eOrders version 1 was presented at AABB 2011, Convention in San Diego.
About Us
Our Mission
Our mission is to be a leader in systems implementation, training and consulting to the health care industry and to provide automated solutions across all industry sectors.
Company Profile
Calimex - California Information Management Experts, was incorporated in the State of California in 1991 with a global presence. We are a technology company with offices in California, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. We specialize in setting up network and web enabled financial applications such as Oracle Financials and blood bank information management systems, such as Haemonetics SafeTrace® and SafeTrace Tx®.
The Bottom Line
Whether it is a hospital, a blood bank or a biotech company, it is the bottom line that counts. Our objective is to provide our customers the technology resources they need to maximize their return on investment. Our quality of service can be FDA compliant and can adhere to GAAS and GAAP standards.
Other Calimex Product
PICTUREID Picture-ID is a new biometrics, web services-based, blood donor identity verification software that incorporates donor self-administered electronic health history questionnaire. It positively verifies donor identity using Fingerprint, date of birth and gender and then matches the identified donor to their picture on file. Options to use State ID or Donor ID is included. Positively identified donors are allowed to edit their demographic data and are checked for visit eligibility.  Visit Picture-ID Website
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